Compounding Effect Over Time
Each piece of content builds on the previous content, creating a compounding effect not unlike compound interest

Social Media Material
A continuous stream of relevant content enhances your social media campaigns

SEO Value
Your domain authority increases via outbound links

Guaranteed Placements
Your key press releases are always picked up

Evergreen Content
In addition to news, we develop content that lasts forever and never loses value, making it a perfect long term investment

There is no better long term strategy to building your relationships, and getting results, from travel agent subscribers to TravelPulse.

Educate travel agents about your brand

Why TravelPulse Content Marketing?

Content Strategy Inclusions

Featured Editorial
Our editorial team works with you to publish in-depth and unique content about your brand.

Ready-to-Air Videos
Provide your own “Ready to Air” videos, to put a face to your product, property, or destination. We will deliver a minimum of 5,000 views per video.

Offers & Promotions
Your offers and promotions will be featured in the TravelPulse Daily Newsletter and across

All your content is aggregated on your very own branded microsite: your unique space on which includes your brand brochures and Twitter feed at the end of Microsite.

Have a voice in telling your story and sharing your brand’s unique perspective with the TravelPulse community.

Guaranteed Press Releases
Guarantee that your press releases get picked up in addition to our normal news coverage.

TravelPulse Key Stats

8.8M average monthly page views*

2M average monthly visits*

1.7M average monthly users*

100,000+ travel agent subscribers*

65.2M pages of content viewed by 10.7M unique travelers via MSN in 2020

*(2021 averages)

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